Brief info

My name is Samir Omar, I am a devoted father to four children, a loving husband to a beautiful wife, and elder brother to four siblings. I am also a very active member in the Muslim community. From a professional perspective, I have experience in many fields, including the food industry, land development, home building and primarily business. Over the years, I have learnt numerous  lessons and used my mistakes to become a better individual that can make a positive impact on society. The skills and knowledge I have gained provided me with the opportunity to partner with different Muslim associations in the city to facilitate Islamic programs for the youth. Being a father in today’s society has emphasized the importance of creating a safe learning environment and becoming an active advocate to nurture our next generation. From a young age, I have always felt the responsibility to be a leader; inshallah, I hope expand my influence and continue to be a role model to the Muslim community of Calgary.