Islamic Funeral Ceremony

Funeral services can be arranged at 2 centres in Calgary.

  1. Akram Jomma Centre in the NE
  2. SW Masjid in the SW

You can fill out the form below or call the number listed here to assist with funeral arrangements.
Please note the following guidelines to help make your ceremony run smoothly:

  • Funeral services can only be arranged after postpartum by is conducted by authorities in case of accidents or other related incidents.
  • There is a cost related to funeral services. Please review the document attached to understand how it works. Government funding can be arranged and MCC services department will assist with any of the paperwork required.

In case of a funeral, MCC has devised a process outlined in the image below to assist families financially in times of difficulty such as the funeral of a loved one. Please review and reach out to us if you have any questions at