The Muslim Council of Calgary, in a previous press release, disavowed the views of the website MuslimsinCalgary that advocated female circumcision. Such views contradict the teachings of Islam as well as violate the laws of Canada. MCC at this time also seeks to disassociate itself from the website’s claims that the unpopularity of female circumcision is due to the “Jewish controlled media” and to the Jewish community’s preference for male circumcision. These false assertions perpetuate anti-Semitic notions and foster misconceptions and distortions of Judaism and the Jewish People. MCC condemns both antisemitism and Islamophobia as harmful to building a society based upon mutual respect and human dignity. Such contemptible views undermine MCC’s desire to create better relationships with the Calgary Jewish community as well as with other religious communities in Calgary. It is the hope and desire of the Muslim Council of Calgary that truthful understandings of religious beliefs and practices will lead to the establishment of interfaith harmony and goodwill that uplifts all the citizens of Calgary.
Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) is an elected body representing the majority of the 80,000+ Muslims living in the city of Calgary. The MCC is a non-governmental organization which caters to the religious, social services and community needs of Muslims in Alberta (primarily in Calgary & Brooks), and is the governing body for both the Muslim Association of Calgary (MAC) and the Muslim Community Foundation of Calgary (MCFC). The only official website controlled by Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) is (word ‘Muslims’ is plural.)