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Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) is an “elected body” representing the majority of Muslims and handling all their affairs in the city of Calgary. The MCC is a non-governmental organization and the guiding body for both the Muslim Association of Calgary (MAC) and the Muslim Community Foundation of Calgary (MCFC).

MCC’s citywide functionality is executed through appointed (by MCC) management committees of TWO CRA approved charitable organizations; MAC and MCFC, the MCC administer the affairs of the MCFC and MAC in all things and make or cause to be made, both organization owns and leases several places of worships and Islamic Education in different segment of city. MCFC and MAC are also responsible for collection of donations at all their facilities, maintaining accounts, submitting financial statements to CRA and providing tax-deductible receipts to their membership. The MAC and the MCFC oversee the purchase and maintenance of the Muslim community facilities. Each facility has an executive committee which manages the site’s on day-to-day activities.

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  • To promote the pursuance of Islam as way of life;
  • To carry out Islamic activities including religious, educational and charitable activities;
  • To strengthen relations and further co-operation among existing and new Islamic organizations and to coordinate Dawa, the call to Islam;
  • To promote Islam in the communities in which Muslims live;
  • To acquire lands by purchase or otherwise and to create or otherwise provide a building or buildings for the furtherance of the objects of the mission statement;
  • To do all other things permitted at law and in accordance with Islamic principles for the furtherance of the above-mentioned mission statement and these objects,
  • To coordinate fund-raising to meet the above mentioned objects;
  • To provide leadership and guidance to Muslims in Calgary.


To carry out activities according to established principles of Islam in the light of Qur’an and Sunnah.

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“Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave”


Ihsan was the way of our Messenger


We pray together, we break our fast together, Islam is community


Being in service to others is the duty of every Muslim