Friday Fundraiser for ElKady Family

Friday Fundraiser for ElKady Family


Assalaamu alaikum dear Community members,


As many of you heard, a tragedy has hit one of our community family members. 


Following a car accident, Brother Mohamed ElKady, his wife and their middle daughter have passed away (Inna Lillahi was inna ilayhi raji3oon). Their other 2 daughters are currently recovering in the hospital.


Together with the Calgary Egyptian Association, a Trust Fund will be created for the two surviving daughters.


We have agreed to support this fund and through all our locations in Calgary, have a fundraiser on Friday, December 30th 2016, after Jumuaa prayers.


Imams and Volunteers will be available to collect the money, cheques and assist with filling out pledge forms.


For donation tax receipts, please address them as follows:


WeCare - Trust Fund of ElKady Daughters


Jazakum Allah kheir 

MCC Board of Directors

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