ATTN REPORTERS AND EDITORS. Please find a media update regarding snow shoveling efforts by Muslim Youth in NW Calgary

Islamic Association of Northwest Calgary continues the tradition of reaching out to the community on Christmas Day with snow shoveling and greetings

Like last many years, on Christmas day, our youth volunteers at IANWC visited the neighbourhood around NW Islamic Centre located at 7750 Ranchview Drive and shovelled snow for our neighbourhood. They exchanged greetings, handed cards, chocolates, and flowers, and showed once again that we are proud members of the Canadian society and value its diverse culture and traditions.

Nearly 100 volunteers came out and cleared the walkways and driveways. Please see the link for pictures and videos:

Our neighbours were welcoming and thankful like many previous years. A national news media quoted a Ranchland neighbour’s experience and reaction: “Cindy Russell was overcome by emotion when she returned to her Ranchlands home in northwest Calgary Christmas morning. "Oh, my goodness, I was emotional," Russell told CBC News Sunday. "They are just so humble and kind." "I came home and I pulled up to my house. They were quite young. They asked if I lived there," she said. She was quoted as saying: "There is so much fear and ignorance and a lot of people who are afraid just haven't taken the time to educate themselves." Russell has a message for her neighbours from the Islamic association. "Thank you for showing me the real purpose of this time of year, which doesn't belong to any religion," she said.

We do also believe that positives stories and positive actions are critically important in this day and age. Coming from youth, these stories certainly give an additional message of hope. Sharing those stories can have an impact on the community at a larger scale. We hope that increasingly, over a period of time, more people will try to create something similar or better.

For more information, please contact Muhammad Abbas or check out our Facebook page and group. Contact:
Muhammad Abbas; Director of Outreach
Islamic Association of NW Calgary
#23, 7750 Ranchview Drive NW, Calgary, AB, T3G 1Y9
Cell (403)-801-7360

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