MCC AGM 2016 Disruption


AssalamuAlaikum Dear Community Members:

Yesterday, Sunday 21st August 2016, saw what was supposed to be a peaceful MCC-2016 AGM gathering of about 300 members turn into a violent break out by a handful of people. The physical assault of a newly elected MCC director, Brother Mansour Shouman has been video recorded by surveillance and is under official investigation by the Calgary Police & internal MCC investigation against a handful of perpetrators (Surveillance video image attached below).

It is believed that the small group planned this disruption weeks in advance (evident through negative propaganda via emails and pamphlets), such as to sabotage the public presentation of the audit reports of the MCC accounts for the last six years (2010-2016).

Shaikh Jamal Hammoud, the senior Imam played an active role in encouraging membership to respect each other’s views, remain calm and attend the meeting peacefully.

Despite this, the start of the AGM witnessed shouting and vocal interruptions by the rowdy few, only for the disruption to grow as the Agenda of the meeting was approved by an overwhelming majority and NOT APPROVED by only 10 members.

Some members from the audience took it upon themselves to try for discipline in the meeting by confronting the disruptive group on its behavior. The argument escalated and the violent group left their seats and charged to the stage of the AGM. During this scuffle, several elected officials of the MCC were harassed and verbally abused necessitating an adjournment of the AGM.

As MCC directors we have been keen to fulfill our promise of financial transparency to the community, and will make Audited Financial reports of the last six years available to the public on our website,

Jazzak-um-Allahu Khairun

Muslim Council of Calgary