Suicide Blast Lahore

Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) and its affiliate organizations are shocked and aggrieved by the news of bomb blasts in Lahore, Pakistan resulting in multiple deaths and injuries. According to media reports over 70 people have died and 270 injured so far from the blast. The attack was claimed by the Terrorist organization Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan Jamaatul Ahrar. These evil organizations and individuals have no religion, no race, no nationality and can strike anytime any where.

Muslim Council of Calgary condemns all violence directed towards innocent human beings, particularly women, children and elderly.

Our hearts and prayers are with people of Lahore at this time of grief and loss. We hope and wish that such atrocities are not repeated anywhere else in the world.

Muslim Council of Calgary believes that it is incumbent upon all of us to defend and protect the human rights of others, irrespective of race, gender, religion, culture or ethnicity.

Muslim Council of Calgary will also like to call upon all Canadians of any religion, culture or ethnicity to stay alert for any hints of violence towards anyone. MCC believes that standing guard for this country is our joint responsibility and should be one of our top priorities.