Thoughts and Prayers for Toronto

Muslim Council of Calgary, the representative organization of majority of Sunni Muslims living in Calgary, unequivocally condemns the recent attack in Toronto, which took 10 lives and injured 15 others.

MCC and its affiliate organizations would like to extend their heart felt and deepest sympathies to people of Toronto and would like to condemn this barbaric act of senseless violence against innocent people.

We strongly urge all communities and groups to reject violence at all costs. Such practices by any group, whosoever the perpetrator, are barbaric and inhuman. The killing of innocent victims should be condemned by everyone. We must stand united in our efforts to stop those responsible and to fight against hate by embracing the values of diversity, inclusion and peace. 

Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) is an elected body representing the majority of the 80,000+ Muslims living in the city of Calgary. The MCC is a non-governmental organization which caters to the religious, social services and community needs of Muslims in Alberta (primarily in Calgary & Brooks), and is the governing body for both the Muslim Association of Calgary (MAC) and the Muslim Community Foundation of Calgary (MCFC). The only official website controlled by 
Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) is

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