Eastern Ghouta Crisis

19 March 2018


The humanitarian situation in parts of Syria, especially Eastern Ghouta and Idlib, has deteriorated significantly over the past 8 weeks with hundreds of innocent victims, including many women and
children. Deadly air strikes on Eastern Ghouta have reportedly killed 600 children and families. These recent attacks have marked the bloodiest days of Syria’s war. Hospitals and infrastructure
have been demolished, pushing civilians to their breaking point.

Nobody deserves a life of horror and uncertainty. These unconscionable acts are yet another grim reminder of the depravity and madness of this conflict now almost in its eighth year. Ghouta is home to 400, 000, hundreds of which have now lost loved ones, their homes and livelihood. Residents are hiding in basements, living without no water, food or electricity.

The Muslim Council of Calgary would like to strongly urge the United Nations to take serious action to stop such inhumane treatment of innocent human life. We also urge all parties fueling this war to focus on bringing peace to the region rather than making innocent people victims of a power game.

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