Muslim Council of Calgary's Response on the FGM Article

MUSLIM COUNCIL OF CALGARY’S RESPONSE ON FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION & 'MUSLIMS IN CALGARY' WEBSITE Members of Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) have been extremely perturbed by a news item that has been erroneously perceived to have originated from our organization or its website. The news item pertains to the ritual of mutilation of female genitalia as practiced in certain places.

Islam promotes a very healthy and positive view of female sexuality. Female Genital Mutilation is absolutely against the established religious practices of Islam and its values. It ought to be abundantly clear, that Islamic Law prohibits Clitoridectomy, Excision, Infibulation and other harmful female genital surgical procedures. It also needs to be clarified that under bill C-27, it is considered a crime.

The website (and/or few other passing off websites) is not owned or operated by Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) and it does not represent the views of Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) or its affiliate organizations. This website is suspected to be operated by a couple of individuals who are in adversarial relationship with Muslim Council of Calgary (MCC) and are certainly not authorized to express MCC’s point of view. Our view on this issue is clearly stated above.

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