Muslims of Calgary Raised $45,000 in a Single Day for Rohingya Muslims


Muslim Council of Calgary joined hands with ICNA Relief Canada to provide aid to Rohingya Muslims who are going through unparalleled human rights abuses in the form of torture, hatred, oppression, gross injustice and genocide, perpetrated by organized gangs and supported by the government.

MCC started a massive fundraising campaign at all its centres last week and will continue to raise funds for the victims. The first distribution on behalf of MCC was done at Balu Khali refugee camp in Cox's Bazar Bangladesh by ICNA Canada, which has teams on ground in Bangladesh. Local Member of Parliament, Pabin Akther Munni was also present to show support.

We would like to thank all the Muslims of Calgary for your utmost generosity and we look forward to your support as our fundraising efforts continue for those fleeing terrible violence.


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