Akram Jomaa (Boys) & OBK (Girls) Youth Programs Start!

The Muslim Council of Calgary is Launching on April 1st:

Boys: Weekend Youth Programs at the Akram Jomaa Islamic Center.

Girls: Weekend Youth Programs at the CIS Omar Bin Khattab Campus.

Weekday Math Tutoring at Akram Jomaa Islamic Center.

First Month is FREE for all Programs.

For details see the posters above.

Thank you to all those who registered.

If you still have not, you can do Online Registration at the below link:


For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at:

Khalid Saad, MCC Youth Coordinator: mccyouth3@gmail.com or 5877079204 Mudhir AbuBakr, MCFC/Akram Jomaa Chairman: mudhir_mohamed@hotmail.com