Summer Ilmnars

Youth friendly brothers and sisters Ilminars for all ages including adults every Tuesday from 6:30pm - 7:45pm 

at Calgary Islamic Centre and Islamic Centre of South Calgary

Tuesday, July 10 - Pillars of Iman-SW Masjid

Tuesday, July 17 - Purification, Wudu & Ghusl - Queensland Musalla

Tuesday, July 24 - Athan, Prerequisites of Salah, Faraid,Wajibat & Sunnan - SW Masjid

Tuesday, July 31 - The complete prayer, Witr, Travel & Funeral prayer - Queensland Musalla

Tuesday, August 7 Day-Day Etiquette including Bathroom, Sleeping and Eating - SW Masjid

Tuesday, August 14 Islamic months & Special days - Queensland Musalla

Conducted by Sheikh Fayaz Tilly & Muallima Noureen