21st Century Muslim

Join us for a very relevant discussion that all can relate to in today's world.

A one day ilminar; learning and empowering yourself for today's challenges through studying Shaykh Ashraf Ali Thanwi's monumental 215 page treatise titled Living as a Muslim.

➢ Faith and its outlook on Evolution, Atheism, and the Epistemology and Psychology of doubt
➢ Quran, Knowledge, Science & Revelation: Affray or agreement?
➢ Secularism, Capitalism and Islamic economics
➢ Islamic guidelines surrounding relationships loneliness & depression
➢ Sexuality, Marriage and Parenting
➢ Politics, Community & Jihad
➢ Bitcoin & Crypto Currency: Islamic verdict?
➢ Marijuana? The Islamic position
➢ 25 Islamic principles that are part of a Muslim’s DNA
➢ Racism, Xenophobia, Gender Interaction and Social Conduct
➢ Abstinence, gratitude and patience
➢ Spiritual Character & Personality development